You thought we wouldn’t notice? We did.

You thought we wouldn’t notice? We did.

Here’s a website bound to stoke the fires of designers who’ve ever had their work mirrored or outright copied. “You thought we wouldn’t notice” brings design work mimicry into the limelight of shame. 

As its creators state, it is “a site dedicated to pointing out those things that give you that feeling of ‘haven’t I seen that somewhere before?’”. 

Take this example from illustrator and printmaker Verity Keniger. The image on the left is Verity’s while the image on the right is used on the Zootown range of cards by Kelly Hyatt at Lagom

Along with posting closely duplicated work, the site also offers some practical advice on how you can safeguard your work through legal avenues. 

So if you’ve experienced some unpleasant duplication, here’s your outlet.

Visit the site here.