Web Watch: Design Addict’s index tool

You’ll be hard pressed to find a design directory as comprehensive as this one. Design Addict’s index is a highly addictive tool that allows you to peruse through a seemingly endless stream of design objects. 

You can hunt for pretty much whatever you like via the ‘designer’, ‘producer’, ‘period’, ‘functions’ and ‘materials’ tabs. Or enter a key word. For example, you could select the period 1950 – 1959, choose ‘appliances’ as the function and ‘wood’ as the material. Hit the search button and among the results you’ll get is the ‘Sunflower’ Clock by George Nelson, designed in Switzerland in 1958. And if that’s not enough info for you, click on the image and you’ll be taken to a George Nelson’s profile, along with the product specs for the ‘Sunflower’ clock. 

Happy searching!