Life’s necessity’s contained in one little cube

Life’s necessity’s contained in one little cube

The Christchurch earthquake got a lot of people thinking about preparedness measures and it’s probably fair to say it made some of us realise that we're actually not very well prepared. But if you had this compact tent system nearby—called the Life Cube—you’d be pretty good to go should an emergency strike. 

The Life Cube sets up in only five minutes and packs a number of handy and vital resources into it’s small and sturdy space, including: solar panel trickle charger, lighting, radio, electric pump, cooking stove and catalytic heater.

Life-long builder and inventor Michael Conner was propelled to create the Life Cube after hurricane Katrina highlighted that adequate portable shelter design still did not exist. 

His idea was to synthesize the cost/logistical advantages of the standard canvas tent and the ruggedness and utility of a trailer, with the speed and expandability of breakthrough inflatable technology.

Red Cross demonstration