Website Watch: Tribu Design

Website Watch: Tribu Design

Tribu Design is a website that, as it name might suggest, pays tribute to the best in furniture and product design — with a twist. Rather than settling for the hippest and smartest contemporary design, the site allows you to search as far back as the 1800s, where you can stumble across designs such as Graham Bell’s solid wood Gallows phone from 1876, or Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s chair from 1897. 

left: Graham Bell phone, right: Charles Rennie Mackintosh chair

Moving into the 1900s brings you to Frenchman Pierre Chareau’s funky lamp from 1923 and the circa 1950 table from Travail français. Or how about a 1950s Kodak camera? 

left: Pierre Chareau lamp, centre: Travail francais lamp, right: Kodak camera

Fast-forward to the new millennium and you’ll come across alternative designs like Ross McBride's quirky Command Sit stool. 

You can perform your search using the timeline or by the categories of ‘designer’, ‘producer’, ‘designers by countries’ and ‘producers by countries’. This website is definitely worth a good browse to follow the evolution of design and appreciate the forerunners of exceptional design. 

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