Take a long and loopy seat on this bench

Take a long and loopy seat on this bench

London design company Studio Weave has weaved quite the public beachside bench. In fact, the bench is so impressive, it can now take its seat as the longest bench in the UK. How long? Long enough to seat over 300 people.

The impressive meandering structure, which opened over the weekend, is located along Littlehampton’s promenade, overlooking the town’s Blue Flag beach.

“We imagined the Longest Bench as a charm bracelet gifted to the town as a delicate piece of jewellery that can accommodate new and varied additions. The form of the bracelet’s chain is informed by the simple seaside boardwalk together with some maths that envisages movement,” say Studio Weave.

The thousands of reclaimed hardwood bars used to create the bench also pay homage to the natural environment of the bench's location.

“This simple component is arrayed to accommodate the complex shapes called for by the form of the wall and the activities which take place along it. The variety of reclaimed timbers are interspersed with splashes of bright colour wherever the bench wriggles, bends or dips,” say Studio Weave.