Remember that iPad you all wanted to win? Well you didn't, but this woman did

Here’s one person you ought to be jealous of, or in the very least, be buttering up to. Art Director Jessica Neale is the lucky winner of our ‘Win an iPad’ competition and can now waltz into work and make her colleagues incredibly jealous. She shares a couple of Semi-Permanent highlights with us.

What was the best about SPNZ?

It's hard to define a single point, the entire experience is always incredibly inspiring. But if I was to choose a favourite speaker, it would be Jessica Hische. So talented and incredibly infectious enthusiasm.

What will you do with your new found knowledge/enthusiasm/networks from SPNZ?

I've already started pottering with a few ideas and thoughts that popped up, and I haven't really stopped talking about in since, so hopefully keeping up my renewed passion and doing some cool stuff!

And if you're feeling hard-done by, you don't need to because you can still enter our awesome CreativeTech competition by clicking here.