My Goodness, My Guiness glass has changed

My Goodness, My Guiness glass has changed

Come late September, the Guinness enthusiasts among you will notice something different next time you order the famed deep brown beverage from your local pub. But fear not, it’s not the taste that’s been altered —just the design of the pint glass it’s served in.

The curvature of the distinctive new glass is inspired by the current pint glass tulip shape, and is coupled with the unique sculpting which mimics the Harp design. The glass is also taller, slimmer (making for easier stacking) and has a thicker base for safety. 

The design evolves the iconic tulip shape to provide a distinctive, contemporary look and feel, which in tests performed really well with consumers,” says Guinness marketing manager Paul Cornell. “It has the look and feel of quality that drinkers expect from Guinness and sets it apart from other glassware without moving away from a design that works.”

The new-look glass will initially only be available in a select number of GUINNESS bars throughout New Zealand from September 24.