Art in the architecture house

Art in the architecture house

Arthouse Architecture is calling for proposals from artists for a temporary art installation in their office building . The installation space is available to two artists annually, with prize money of $4,000 each.

“We have a large space in our building that is light and open, with lots of height. We know that opportunities for installation art are limited in Nelson, especially for emerging artists,” says Caroline Marshall of Arthouse Architecture.  “Our aim is to promote links between art and architecture.”

The first of the two installation projects will be installed by November 27 this year and each work will be shown over several months at Arthouse Architecture in central Nelson. Workshops and floor talks will be held throughout the year in support of the installation and it will be linked to Nelson art events.

“I believe that art is something that should be encouraged in Nelson: we are unique in having so many artists and this is something we should build on,” says Marshall.

The selection panel includes representatives from Arthouse Architecture, the local Arts community and one judge yet to be named from outside the region.

Submissions for 2010 and 2011 entries must be received by 24 September 2010

For more info and to apply, head to Arthouse Architecture. 

Arthouse Architecture's installation space