A twist on bicycle design

Ordinarily, wrapping your bike around a pole wouldn’t be a highly sought after result. But for 21-year-old designer Kevin Scott, that’s exactly the result he was hoping for.

His nifty bendable bike is designed to tie securely around a lamppost and be locked safely, without the use of a lock or chain. Handy.

Kevin designed a sectional tube system for the frame of the bike so that it can bend around any pole and a lock can be passed through both wheels and the frame.

“Increasing active commuting by improving city centre cycle security was my main objective. This lead to the development of this bike which can be wrapped around objects then secured to itself,” says Kevin.

Kevin is due to graduate with a BSc in Industrial from De Montfort University, Leicester, and was recently awarded a runner up prize of £500 (NZ$1053) in the prestigious New Designer of the Year Awards in London. 

The young and ambitious designer hopes the prize money will help further develop the product and that the interest generated from the awards will provide a gateway to a career in the design industry.