Speed(o) is of the essence

Speed(o) is of the essence

What do you do with 200 unusable Speedo swimming suits? Use them to construct a pavilion of course. 

The ‘S_Pavilion’ is the work of students at Chelsea College of Art & Design, crafted for this year's Chelsea College undergraduate summer show and the London Festival of Architecture.

The project required collaboration between textile designers, materials engineers and programming engineers to create the pavilion, reusing the Speedo LZR Racer suit as an architectural component.

The group also had to think about sustainable approaches in design, innovation and fabrication. The pavillion is the first in a series of creative art projects commissioned by Speedo as part of the brand’s ‘Sustainable Futures’ project.

If you by chance have a trip planned to London in September, you can see the S_Pavilion at the london design festival from 18th to 26th.