Project creates melting pot of global city logos

Project creates melting pot of global city logos

CitID is a project aiming to gain global consciousness by giving a (type)face to every city worldwide, no matter how big, small or obscure it may be.

“Our hope is that creatives from around the globe will make a logo or a visual interpretation of the city closest to their heart,” says the website. So it’s fair to say Auckland’s supercity logo won’t be making an appearance.

The USA and Europe have been the biggest submitters so far, and little ‘ole Oceania is barely visible. Still, we found two graphic representations of Wellington, which was nice to see.

If you feel propelled to conjure up a logo for your favourite city, click here to submit your entry and to check out the rest of the global submissions.

Not only can you check out some inspiring designs - everything from the literal to the interpretive - every design you click on takes you to a map locating the city represented by the design, as well as some general geographical stats on the area. So maybe Chattanooga and Givatayim won’t remain such a mystery to you after all.

Image by Sarai Beckmann.