Kapai! Kapow!

Kapai! Kapow!

Not one to shy away from reincarnation, the Dark Knight’s most recent artistic rendering comes inspired by Maori culture. Kahuwhai clothing designer 

Amber Bridgeman has reinterpreted the Caper Crusader's iconic calling card, along with the Superman emblem, on a range of kids and men’s T’s.

Bridgeman’s inspiration was born out of frustration at seeing her and her friend’s children parading around in cheap, superhero clothing. She wanted to give them something real to aspire to.

While you may not see the Tanepekapeka [Maori Batman] embossed on the Batsuit in any future Christopher Nolan offering, it was part of Bridgeman’s winning Tee Shirt Placement entry at last month’s Miromoda Awards Judge’s Presentation and should take Kiwi playgrounds and Casual Fridays by storm. Ka-pow!