Hair Co arrives with a splash

Hair Co arrives with a splash

Giving the likes of Rodney Wayne a run for his money, a succession of fresh, hip new Hair Co stores is poised to pop up all over the country.

Moroccan hairdresser, developer and entrepreneur Joseph Brookes has arrived in New Zealand to recreate his London franchise success story. His goal is to capture the youth market with a well-priced, good value, fun hairdressing service.

Joseph Brookes commissioned Paul Izzard of Paul Izzard Design to come up with an edgy contemporary design that “stands out, drags the eye in store and gives a strong retail presence”.

The design is similar to what you’ll see in London’s High Street except Paul has added a vibrant, eye-catching canary yellow into the previously monochromatic, black and white palette.

The first store opened in Auckland’s Lynn Mall last week and Paul swears customers were queuing up at the door.  Another salon is soon to open in Christchurch. Paul is also producing a design for a complementary store called Beauty Co which will offer the make-up and nails side of the business.

Also watch out for the new Hardy’s Health stores, designed by Paul Izzard, soon to open in Sylvia Park, Auckland and at Bayfair in Tauranga.