Video: A retro architecture reprise for you

Here’s a little bit of architecture retro for your Friday afternoon. Nothing like a good ‘ole black and white news broadcast from 1949 to throw some perspective on how far we’ve come.

Students of Wellington’s Architectural Centre build a pine and glass-walled modernist house in Karori, that includes bunks and a utility room, "where children can play and Mother can sew".

“Designed to suit weather, family and sight, this house is more than just four walls and a roof. It’s a place in which anyone would be glad to stay at home.”

Scroll forward to 3.23 mins to see this particular architecture story, or kick back and watch the whole news piece and revel in the nostalgia of life over 60 years ago (and the comic, ‘spiffy’ British commentary).

Thanks to the folks at NZ On Screen for uploading the footage.