Event: Many Minds Make Right Work

Running with Scissors Creative Strategist, and yMedia Challenge Judge, Friday O’Flaherty, shares his experience of working in the creative industries – tomorrow!

When: 6-8pm Wednesday 30th June

Where: Media Design School, Level 12, 242 Queen Street

What: There are always a number of ways to approach any project, and the most obvious answer isn’t always right. Friday believes that great ideas can be anything, and can come from anywhere – but there is an art to delivering ideas that meet the needs of a brief.

During this workshop, O’Flaherty will share his experience within the creative industries, talk through some of the practices that his advertising agency now adopts to apply lateral thinking to any project and identify some techniques that can be used to assess ideas to help deliver the best possible outcome.

Image: Flickr - CharlotteSpeaks♥{Charlotte.Morrall}